East Central Minnesota A Brush With Kindness

Ann's Story

My Home is Where the Heart Is


How true this is for Ann Rue. She truly loves her quaint and nostalgic home, for she was born and raised within its walls. She also spent most of her married life here and watched her two daughters grow up under its roof. Memorabilia from the past and present adorns the home's interior walls and furniture, continually reminding her of the people, places and events that have been very special parts of her life. TLC has been given to all these treasured possessions. Unfortunately, parts of the home's exterior were showing their age. The wooden deck, railings and furniture needed some patching and painting. Because of some physical limitations, Ann sought help from A Brush With Kindness. With their volunteer workers, ABWK took care of Ann's needs. Ann provided the paint and kept the workers very happy with her delicious meals, yummy treats and great conversation.

This Christian organization works in Chisago County and is looking for more "around the home" projects, as well as more volunteer workers. If either of the above spark your interest, please give A Brush With Kindness" a call at 651-361-0229. Our goal is to serve the Lord by serving others.